Welcome to the Addiction to Fiction Blog…again


The Origins of Ethan Day…

Let me first welcome everyone to the all new Addiction to Fiction Blog. Isn’t it all bright and shiny – like a brand new penny – that hasn’t been lost to the land that time forgot…aka under the seat in your car?

No sir, this penny is clean and sparkly – unlike the ones occupying the floor board of your auto, which have been beaten up and stepped on and are now keeping that lone McDonalds French Fry company…along with the stray ink pen, wadded up straw paper, and hair ball – which you pray isn’t off your own head while simultaneously being grossed out by the thought it could possibly belong to anyone else. Just as your beginning to recover from that mind numbing realization – you remember how many months it’s been since you’ve eaten McDonalds French Fry’s and marvel over the fact that fry looks exactly the way it did the day you purchased them. Spooooky!

But getting back to my new & improved blog – the proverbial penny that hasn’t been used and abused like the bathroom stall in a gay bar…I’m hopeful that between me and all of you, she won’t stay all nice and pretty for too long. Because that would mean we aren’t using her…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be one slutty little blog.

Upon closing down the old blog in preparation for uploading everything to the new one, I came across my original post, welcoming everyone to the Addiction to Fiction Blog. Instead of coming up with a regurgitated version of the old ‘welcome’ I thought it would be fun to start this baby off by reposting it in its original entirety. It’s been right at two years and I’m pleased to see that I haven’t matured at all since then. LOL! Don’t shake your head at me! What you might consider to be a lack of evolution, I call consistency. : )

I hope you enjoy the re-broadcast of the same old me, pulled from the dusty halls of time and polished up for your viewing pleasure. Who knew a little spit in the palm of your hand could be used for something other than self-fulfillment?

The Original Addiction to Fiction Post:

Hello to all!

Who is Ethan Day, you may be wondering?  I’ve been asking myself that question for a very long time.  I’m not sure I really want to know the answer.  I’m a little frightened that if I ever truly know who I am, and there is no longer anything new to discover about myself, I’ll no longer have anything fun to write about. Welcome to my neuroses, folks!

I do know that I love falling in love, most of us do, I suppose, and I’m lucky enough to be able to write about it.  I’ve always been a day dreamer — seeing a hot guy walking down the street I’ll immediately begin imagining what he might be like.  Wondering what his little quirks and personal ticks could be, what he does for a living, and imagining what the sound of his laugh is like.

Before I know it, I’m working out what our lives together would be like.  Do we live in a high rise apartment, or a snow covered cabin in the woods?  Will we have one or two dogs?  Is he a top or a bottom…versatile?  Do I live in constant fear he’ll go back to that one ex-boyfriend…the one he still looks at in a way that makes me fear my new man isn’t completely over his old one?  Does he find my constant over analyzing and over active imagination annoying, or does he think it’s sweet and adorable in that Ally McBeal sort of way?

This is how the stories that eventually make it onto the page often begin — a fantasy or day dream that gets stuck in my head and refuses to leave until I sit and purge it from my brain by writing it down.  While I do most of my writing at the computer, I still sometimes curl up with pen and paper, writing the old-fashioned way. It’s nice to not always have that devious little cursor blinking on the screen as if impatiently screaming, “I’m waiting, bitch…write something already!”

I’m both thrilled and flattered if you’ve actually taken the time to read my blog, books, or any other part of my website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or with any topics you’d be interested in seeing in future blogs.  I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Much Love,


Copyright 2008-2010 Ethan Day. All Rights Reserved.

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