Ethan’s Instruction Manual


Now that some of the dust has settled I thought I’d take a minute to explain the way this new blog is going to work. Not that I think any of you are too feather brained to figure it out on your own, but hey…some days it helps to have it all spelled out. : )

I’m basically going to be posting everything into one of five different categories: Origins, 5.4.8×5, Homo-Promo, That Day Boys Bits, & Ramblins’. The banner at the top of each post will let you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Before anyone decides to ask…no…I do not own a label maker & my house is most definitely NOT organized. I’m actually a bit of a slob, truth be told, lol. My dust bunnies have staked out my home and formed into rival dustyB-gangs vying for territory.

Dragging my ass back to the point of all this…

What you’ll be getting with posts under the Origins category will be my older blog posts – both from my first blog as well as from some of my original guest blogs. I’ve had several people write to me requesting that I organize all my posts in one easy to resource location. For those folks…this category is for you. : )

I’ve already written up a separate post explaining what the 5.4.8×5 posts will consist of, but for anyone who missed it – a detailed description can be found here. I should have Ally Blue’s interview ready to post sometime next week!

Homo-Promo will be all my latest and greatest headlines – where I’ll be posting any and all news about new book releases or contracts, reviews, interviews, gay day, etc.

That Day Boy’s Bits will consist of all the stuff I like, that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the writing. The OMG did you see what happened on GLEE last night, kinda stuff. In other words, the REAL important shit, LOL!

Finally, that leaves us with the Ramblins’ category, which is basically whatever I wind up going on about whenever I get a bug up my butt about something. The meat to go along with all the other starch and veg listed above. : )

I’m looking forward to spending more time with all of you in 2011…regardless of how I wind up labeling it!

Much Love


4 Responses to “Ethan’s Instruction Manual”

  • Ex-cellent! Now all we’re going to need is a print version of all this… really!
    Yeah, I know… but sometimes my computer futzes out and I’m left without any internet… and how awful THAT is.

    Ah well, we’ll see how it all goes – and I can’t freakin’ believe that 2011 is just around the effing corner.. man, this time flying thing is for the … uh, birds.

    See, now aren’t you glad you’re posting here? I can get all talky and stuff. :D

  • LOL! You’re too cute. : ) Get yout talk on sister!! I don’t mind in the least. 2010 flew the hell on by! Let’s hope this year will slow down long enough that we get to enjoy it a little more.

  • Gina:

    *whining* I thought “that day boy-bits” was something different…on to Glee!

    I’m really looking forward to the rambling since I’m a rambler too. Now I’m gonna ramble to the kitchen and grab that classy wine in a box that I bought on sale for $7 at Target.