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Guesting at Jessewave’s

bloghomopromoHello All!!

My first official piece of news of what is almost 2011, is that I’ve been invited and have happily accepted an invitation from Wave to post a quarterly segment on her review site. Sort of like a column about whatever catches my fancy…which lets face it…leaves the door hanging wide open. : ) 

Picture me like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & the City – sitting at her lap top as she stares out her New York City apartment – posing the really important questions like: At what point does that extra half an inch ethan-headshotbecome too much? Is there really such a thing as a versatile gay man, or are they all just bottoms who are trying to butch up their image? Will I ever find my very own Big, and will that nickname actually refer to the size of his wallet? : )

Wave announced the news on her site yesterday and it took no time at all for me hijack the comments with my usual shenanigans. You should definitely pop over and have a look. A good time was had by all…even the monkey’s.

To check out Wave’s Post click here.